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What if I make a mistake?

I’m not getting paid.

How’s my business doing?

What’s the difference between an employee and part-time or freelancer?

You can’t use my photography in your business and my images aren’t in your business. Why do you call it ‘your business’?

You won’t do any work for me! I don’t want work. I want my money.

What do you mean by ‘freelance’?

I want you to pay me (paid) $50,000/year instead of $50-600 I get on Kickstarter. (I am getting paid only for the images that are shown on the video.)

Do you think there is a difference between a photographer for hire and a freelance photographer?

It is just two business entities that work together as a partnership. Both sides help the other out when needed because we each feel like we are providing something important to this community.

For example..
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I am a freelancer in Los Angeles and my client is running a campaign promoting their brand but want a photographer from the Midwest for the campaign so they can be in California (they know I shoot in L.A.) It will be a long shoot in LA and after three days will be in Oregon. I don’t have any time to work on the shoot. They will hire you instead. I am a photographer in Los Angeles and my client wants me to be part of this campaign so they can be in California. We will shoot in LA and Oregon on the same day (I have an open schedule). It costs us $300.00 to make it happen because both parties will cover the time that we need but no money is exchanged so if I shoot less than the budget for LA then I can just drop. Also, they do not take credit. They make a one time fee that we reimburse them.

Are you just doing it for me? This is a crowdfunding campaign and I am not a business entity. I don’t have any resources of my own.. My photography is not in the same level of quality and quality that you get from other people. Why should I get your business?

Well, I have a great job in LA… but I need your help. This is something I started so that I could focus on my photography and not worry about all of this stuff.

I have no money to shoot in LA or Oregon. So if you get me

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