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It depends on your own abilities. I’m very good, but if someone comes and asks me to do something, there’s only one of me and so it’s up for me to do something. I don’t want to be the guy who says, “That’s enough. I’m out of here.” But if someone comes and says, “This is something you really should do,” then I’ll probably talk to them about doing my thing. One thing I can say with confidence is, I don’t know if I can do it all. I know what I’m capable of doing, but I probably won’t be good enough to do all of it.

Do you watch a lot sports?

No, I don’t watch a whole lot of sports, but I’ve been reading a lot. I read things like Sport Illustrated because I’ve always loved the sports. And I can get behind what they talk about. When I was younger people would say things I’d never understand and so I was able to read things that were fascinating to me. Sometimes I’ll watch some games, because people will do it during the game. I’m just really into the sport, in general — the way it’s played, the technicalities.

What do you read when not at a game?

Well then, I’m just taking my eyes off the ball and trying to make the game easy and play the position I’m on the pitch, like when I play forward or centre-forward, I’m on the right or left, it depends on whether you’re defensive or attacking. And that’s basically my reading. I don’t read much of soccer, just because I only follow certain games at the moment. I read the game.
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What’s the best team?

The best team of the moment is not necessarily that you have to be one of the best players, but just in general it doesn’t matter who you are on the team. I’ve played for teams that you are definitely on. I played for Manchester United with one of the greatest players ever in Frank Lampard, who I still idolize because he’s been such a great player. But we are also playing against Barcelona. We have played against Real Madrid, who are one of the great teams in the world. Now Real Madrid have Ronaldo on their team. When you are playing against them you are playing against two of the greatest players in the world in two positions. But I think one thing that makes it hard to compare is that

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