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A lot of the problems you had when you moved to Europe in the summer of 2006 and had to learn French, German, Portuguese, Italian – and English – were cultural, that is.

As the only language my friend knows, there would be some difficulty in understanding what was going on around me in the city, while at the same time it wouldn’t be difficult to understand where the hell I went.

And while I think it’s good news the British are going to make it easier to learn a new language, it still doesn’t make things any easier than they already are.

I’m not only talking about language. We have to have a good time in order to learn a new culture, which is something British society is very bad at. A lot of people who visit Britain get the impression they’re at a festival or something, when the truth is far from it. Most of the time the weather is cold. If the sun comes out, or the sun sets, you’re very unlikely to find one of those festivals that everyone in the country goes to. It’s probably best not to go, because everything else that’s going on is just fine.

There’ll be a lot of good things for children of immigrants in Britain, but most of the people that are going to teach them how to read will be white and male. I think it’s unfair that we allow this to happen.

I think that for the next generation who might have to live in this country in the future, what we should do is teach them how to adapt to life in this country, and not allow these problems to continue to get worse.

The United States has some of the most powerful and extensive surveillance powers in the world. What happens if surveillance ends up being expanded in ways not foreseen, as has happened before? It’s time to start thinking through ways to address the problem.

Recently, when President Obama addressed a crowd in Brazil about the National Security Agency’s sweeping surveillance activities, he noted that the US has the “most advanced cyber security capabilities of any country in the world.” There are numerous ways in which technology can improve our security and surveillance powers. But there must be a balance between the various interests we have in regulating these new uses of power. Are we going to try to create a super-security state, and give the government more power to invade the privacy of its citizens, all the while maintaining the traditional protections of the Bill of Rights?


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