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I’d agree with you that it is faster, but would you please explain? What is it that makes Ultra HD 4k “super” high refresh rate? Is 4k like 4k, or does 4k really differ slightly, in performance, in image quality, in pixel density of the images, in bandwidth, etc?

The only difference between the two is the resolution. It will be 8K, 854 x 480, so it will be similar, although there will be differences not seen in the 4K.

In terms of bandwidth and bitrate, 4K isn’t as much more bandwidth than 2160p, but in the future, we’re likely going to see 4K content on consoles, on 4K TVs – which has to come at some kind of sacrifice when it comes to resolution. (Note, however, that HDR content will be higher quality and more demanding of bandwidth than 4K content, and as a result more likely to be compressed.)

I guess we could probably ask “what is the difference,” but it’s just a question of interpretation. I personally use Ultra HD Blu-rays just as much, if not more, than I do 1080p 4k Blu-rays (it depends somewhat on the content).

You should use Ultra HD Blu-rays if you own at least a Blu-ray player. (Also, I personally use 4k Ultra HD Blu-rays – if I don’t own a 4k player, I just use a 4k BD). But that choice should be up to you. I’d be surprised at some owners of 4k Ultra HD Blu-rays have issues with the discs themselves.

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Q: What is Sony’s view on 4K TV’s?

A: I think it’s important to clarify some of what has been happening around 4K. The biggest change has been with HD DVDs – there was a major industry shift in how the industry saw itself and its customers, and what it wanted. The way a lot of them have been operating is the same as their own Blu-ray format; they’re still trying to “sell” as many TVs as they can to as many folks as possible. But what they don’t want is to make a huge fuss about all the new details of 4K; they don’t want to compete with 4K and say, “this is the new standard!” Instead, they want to “sell” 4K TVs as something else.

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