What app plays music during a video? – Where To Look When Recording Video

On-screen controls for the Music app

When and where do the videos play?

How do I select from the following videos? Select YouTube

The Music app in the YouTube Video tab

The Spotify app in the Spotify Music tab


Playlists are what keep a video game from being a chore. But, what do they look like? They come in a number of different variations: lists, tags, tags-by-location, “by song,” and “by artist,” among others. You can make a playlist by placing any video in a folder and then clicking a button like the one located underneath the playlist’s name. When you’re done, your playlist has been created. (For now, it’s just for the Android app. But, you can download the playlist I created for The Witcher 3 and you’ll be able to find it on the Play Store anytime you like.)

The default “Playlist” that shows up for my Google Play Music app has some useful options:

In addition, you can download a list of playlists by using a URL and selecting the playlists folder. When you go to the Play Store, you can find those playlists by heading to “All-in-One” instead of “Music.” (I’ve created a playlist called “Song by Song”—that’s the name of the original song, so I’ve included that as a title in the playlist.) So you can download these playlists, but they’re not exactly the same. (By comparison, here’s the playlist that’s in “Song by Song” and “Song 2 by Song.”)

The Playlists app in the Music app

Tagging music is another useful way to organize playlists. (Here’s a playlist called “Song by Song” that I created using the tags I created in “Tag by Artist.”) So you can search by genre (with music) or search for specific songs you’re interested in.

Spotify is one of the best music apps on Android. It can easily support up to 4 million songs for free and has built-in playlists, tags, and playlist creation features.

How to find your playlist

My “Song by Song” playlist contains only the most recent 12 songs. (If you click the second “Artist” button, you should see more artists)

My Spotify playlist also has only the song titles that I’ve added to the playlist to make it more interesting. (

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