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Most music videos are shot with the Sony Cyber-shot SD2 Camera. Since almost 40 % of the videos are made of still images and few with moving images, cameras in the Cyber-shot range can be used almost for all of the videos that are made. For music videos, the Sony Cyber-shot SD2 Camera is used by most music stars and a large percentage of all music video producers. In the coming years, the Sony Cyber-shot SD2 Camera is expected to be used only occasionally in music videos. To obtain a better look with a better photo quality, the Sony VITR (Videotape Transfer Module) and the Sony DSC-X100W are still useful.

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Which Cameras for Music Videos are suitable?

While the Sony Cyber-shot SD2 Camera delivers a wide range of quality images, it is unlikely that you will always need that high of a quality when you are creating music videos. Many music videos shoot with the D800E or D3.1 instead. Therefore, to make music video and other production videos, you will need to find a camera which will shoot at a low ISO. To select an ISO for music videos, you can consult the ISO Chart, which is available in the “Info” menu of your Sony camera. The ISO chart gives the maximum number of ISO for both “W” and “A”. If your Sony camera is shooting with “W” mode, you can assume that the ISO to be used for music videos will be between 800 and 1600.

With the Sony Cyber-shot SD2 Camera, you get a wide ISO choice and are expected to shoot at a lower ISO. Some of the best camera at ISO 200-600 are Sony VTC-100W2 and Sony VTF-80W2.

Sony, VTR and VTF Cameras for Music Videos

As for Sony cameras, you will also find good lenses. But, if you need a tripod, there are few of the best Sony VTF/VTC-200M II and VTR-200M II. A good tripod might be necessary. Since a camera in the VTF range can capture the best details and images, you will be using the tripod when shooting music videos (if you decide to use a tripod in the future).

Sony CX100W and CX200M II as a good example of the Sony VTF/VTC-200M II.

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