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Here’s an example of one of the most commonly used cameras for making television movies:

The Canon FDV80

Canon’s cameras are widely used among major studios as a source of lenses, sensors, and other components. Canon FDV80 cameras, developed in 1994, are the most used in cinema production because of their extremely high sensitivity (0.8 EV/pixel) and high frame rate (40 frames per second), which enables much sharper images than most film stock. They also have a lower rate of image distortion.

Canon FD80 cameras are now mostly produced with color film and are available from various camera manufacturer. FD80 camera is one of the most popular cinema cameras.

The Fujichrome G series (the FD’s successor) are another popular film camera.

How does the film development work?

Like other camera manufacturers, Canon develops their own film for their cameras using the latest film technology. Canon’s proprietary film is processed in a laboratory inside a facility called the Image Processing Center (“IPC”). This laboratory specializes in processing multiple images into one film. Canon’s image processing centers have a total of 4,938 square feet of space.

Canon FDV80 Film Developing Facilities

The FD series cameras utilize a unique technology called Phase Shift Tungsten Film. This unique film development technique allows Canon to eliminate or reduce the amount of artifacts associated with using color film. Phase Shift has an entirely different effect as a result of this unique technology. This technology is used more often by TV film studios as it dramatically reduces the time needed for the process.

How does phase shift affect the image?

Phase Shift Tungsten films have a different effect on the color of images than traditional color film. This difference causes the image to show more color shift from “black” to “white” than traditional color film. Phase Shift films can also provide a sharper image, so the image is more accurate.

Why doesn’t every camera use phase shift film?

There are three major reasons for this:

The camera manufacturer doesn’t use Phase Shift for their cameras. The camera manufacturer doesn’t have the proper expertise to utilize this advanced technology (i.e. a technician with Phase Shift expertise can usually create new color film). A camera manufacturer is already producing a color film.

Canon FD80 Film Developing Devices

Canon FD80 Film Processing Devices

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