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Although there are a variety of different recording devices – some for video and some for sound – you’ll need a camera with a telephoto lens. And a few different lenses: standard primes (8, 10, 12 or 14 mm) and FX for video (135, 135L, or 135Z). There are also specialized video cameras out there like the Canon EOS 3D Mark II, the Nikon D300, the Apple iPhone 5/5s and even the Apple iPad mini.

I need to shoot an interview with a musician and/or singer, what does that entail?

For music videos, you need to be very precise with your positioning and time frame. You can always alter your shooting directions with a little adjustment while shooting. In a music video, you should not make it too easy for the client to understand how they are meant to feel. You should keep the music composition on a very high level. If you’re shooting a scene that is quite low on focus, or there’s not much detail and the lighting is not that great, there’s no point to go for the best possible lighting setups. If the lighting is nice in a small studio and you have a bit more time, more important than having the best lighting setup in the world is the music composition and the shot composition. The reason why music videos are so much easier is because music has a big role to play in a video. I can show you my music video using an interview, but in the end, a lot of the songs are just a soundboard.

You just shot a commercial/TV commercial and that commercial is still in the can and you need to shoot that, where do I start?

First of all, remember that video is an art form, which should be respected. Be respectful to the viewer’s time and attention. For a commercial shot, you should be in a small space that allows more space between you and the audience. This gives you more room to work than if you are standing in a larger room in front of a screen. Also, with a music video, you should shoot the music first and then add any lighting effects you need. When shooting a music video, don’t try to make the music video look like another commercial or TV show. Be very careful what you are shooting so the music video does not look like a video created by a guy playing a keyboard, but a video that has a visual meaning to it. I have met some people on the street who are so shocked

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