What equipment do you need to shoot a music video? – How To Shoot A Film By Yourself

The equipment I need for the music video shoot includes the following.

1. 4K camera – This means 4K resolution is required for the image output – to achieve an 8 megapixel resolution and the full HD video. It’s not really possible to shoot 4K at 1080 so you need to be very careful what equipment you use.

2. A 4K mobile phone

3. An SD/SDHC card

4. A USB cable

5. A charger. This one is not really important but I will use my iPhone 6 Plus and not a regular charger in case you were wondering.

6. A tripod

7. Two lenses in total

8. A few more things are required, but these are the most important.

9. A lot of patience & discipline to get the film looking and acting the way you want. That’s why I would recommend taking 4 days of editing (and this is my rule of thumb) to get it done with the right equipment.

10. For the music video project, what do you need to shoot? I don’t really need 3 cameras so I am very confident in choosing only 1. What kind of music do you want to shoot?

I want it to be fun, original and with good sound. But it’s not really my main goal, it’s more a way to inspire and show people how cool music can be.

11. You obviously want to be able to give away the film if you can, but how do you go about getting that kind of feedback?

I always ask people from different angles in which they would like to see the film (or other things). Sometimes I will go to different festivals to see if there’s anyone working in other genres on the same production. In any case, my idea is to make it the most original and not get people asking for permission or something.

12. What can the people do if they are fans of the project or have something good to say for it to help promote it?

There are several ways to get that help. The most important one is to spread word of this project by using your social networks. It’s important to use a hashtag or tweet and it is very easy to get around and reach out.

Another possibility is, if you think it could be an amazing project, email your friends. Even though a lot of people don’t know about the project and some may be annoyed about the

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