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In the early 20th century, photography was not the only means of communicating with one’s friends and family. People, and even animals, used flashlights to communicate with others, either through a ring of red or green lights or a camera attached to an umbrella. Today, when someone shoots a photo, he/she will usually have a camera on them and one can attach flash light as a personalised, self greeting symbol. However, with the advent of cameras and smartphone photos are often taken quickly and easily.

How long will it take to make a selfie ring?

Once I had all my materials assembled, I could now start to cut out the selfie ring and attach the light and I needed to make sure everything I did was right. The first step is to cut off the excess material from the bottom of the ring. This is because if you are making a ring out of clear resin you want the ring to look like a clear ring because of what the resin does to it. You just need to make sure that the metal part of the ring is not sticking out too far. I cut the ring in half because I wanted to make it as thin as I possibly could and as light as I could possibly make it.

Step three is to position the rings in the shape of the selfie stick, to make a ring. After doing a few iterations, I was able to figure out a good method for putting the rings together which is to use an x-acto knife to take a line into the middle of the ring and cut a hole in the middle that will let my light shine through so I can see into it. It is important to keep the two rings even so both rings shine through in both views.

Step four is to paint the rings, you will need to use nail polish to finish the job, I did this on a thin film of white acrylic to let me know it was done. This is a quick and easy process with the ring not sticking out. If you do end up in trouble (which you always do), you can use an old shirt or a tarp to hide the ring.

What are the benefits to using a selfie ring light

A selfie ring light is so fast and simple to make that you can wear it all day and not have to bother worrying about it. It makes a great gift, you can have it made for your special someone and give them compliments every time they see it. I don’t know if I would put them up in their

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