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How do I get my music video in front of a film studio? What’s the difference between cinematography for music videos and photography?

And last, but not least, there’s a lot that we just have to be thankful for, like getting to create music videos just moments after we make their films. And they seem pretty darn awesome.

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This was originally posted on our blog back in 2014, here’s the summary from October 2015:

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I just finished watching one episode of the TV show House of Cards. I watched the episode as we left our house for work, and I think it was the first episode where I actually stopped and took some time to reflect on my role for the characters on the show. What’s interesting is how much work I had to do to help the character who I love. It’s all about the “what if.” What if I wasn’t in the car on the way to work? What if I was on the road driving a long way from the office? What if I was home and I’d been away a couple of weeks too long? What if I hadn’t been so focused on that “what if” that I was unaware that the show would be about “how we get it done.”

House of Cards is a comedy, and its characters get by on their humor and in-character banter, but I think the show is about a lot more than this; House of Cards is a show about the people we surround ourselves with on the outside – the people in our lives and our job, who make us feel like we can trust us when we’re not. It’s about what it means to be an entrepreneur, it’s about the way men and women make decisions about whether we stay or go, it’s about what it means to be human, and the fact that we can be friends and lovers and neighbors without even needing to know each other. It’s about the way we make choices that often seem to make the world in which we live a very different place; like you can be at a wedding and still feel the tension. At a movie theater, you’re probably thinking about whether the movie is worth your money, and there’s no way to know if your friends want to go home. It’s about the way our world, not just our home, changes as we

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