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We are not able to provide a cheapest solution for every situation. You will need to have a lot of information and be flexible with your budget. There is no single way to get the best camera, unless you can afford to buy a brand new one that you haven’t seen in person before. So for this reason we will not list any camera below that are currently out of stock. If you have an idea of a camera we should be able to list below that would be suitable if your budget was to give or the camera is not out of stock. If your budget can cover it we will do everything possible to find it. So as an example, if your budget can get you the Canon Rebel XTi with 1080p 60 fps and a 2.2″ touch screen please let us know in the comments.

When I see my father, he looks much, much older than in the photographs. We’ve lived together for decades, since we moved out of our family’s house in Manhattan to a small apartment in a building on the Upper East Side. He still has a thick skin and is hard to be mean to. And yet, as the years passed after our separation, he began to have issues with his memory. He could lose the last name of someone he met only minutes before. He would miss events in his life that were months or years in the past. So I was worried.
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My father was once a very successful lawyer in the United States who ran various offices throughout the world. He was a very important and respected person, known and liked to his friends. He was a very popular guy. He was also a very intense person, but not the sort my friend has. He had a long history of drug issues and was never able to get over them.

What worried me more was the fact that, unlike any other father that my friend had, my father was willing to discuss with me what had happened to his memory. He had never shared it with anyone else before, either with his attorney or with me. When I asked him about the memory, he admitted that, “for 15 years, the past was what I held onto. I was unable to get past it.” And if he had to start living a lie just to keep from having to move on and deal with his grief, I had to understand why he did. What was he doing? Why was he doing this?

Over the years as my father’s memory faded, our relationship began to break down. The more I heard

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