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The shortest? The longest ever made is 11 minutes and 46 seconds. But the longest video is, well, it’s called the “Narcissist” video.

We all remember how this guy’s name became synonymous with narcissism. He just does everything for attention. He’s charming — like a cat — but he’s so needy he refuses to take no for an answer. He will take and refuse anything, but he’ll also take the time and effort to research the material, and not put anything down. His narcissist behavior is so obvious you almost can’t tell there might be a problem. But that doesn’t matter. Because he’s such a jerk.

Image copyright Reuters Image caption The woman said she had been at St Bartholomew’s Hospital in Paris for three days before being brought to England for treatment

A French nurse has said she carried out the fatal surgery on a doctor at a Paris hospital after he complained of “severe back pain”.
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Jean-Louis Brisard, 62, was found dead in the operating theatre at St Bartholomew’s Hospital on Sunday morning after complaining about his pain.

France’s news agency, AFP, said the woman had identified herself as Brisard’s colleague, and investigators suspected a crime.

No further details have been released in the case.

Brisard had moved around the world and worked in France, Germany and Italy for seven years, working at nine hospitals.

He was working with Belgian surgeon Philippe Dechamps after he was diagnosed with a serious medical condition.

A woman who worked for a Belgian nurse and later moved to France said on Monday that Brisard asked her to see a colleague while she was in the operating theatre.

According to her account, Brisard had complained of “severe back pain” and she told him to see a doctor.

After Brisard was pronounced dead, she said she then ran into the hospital in tears after finding her colleague.

The woman, who gave only her first name, Leila, told iTele: “I’m a nurse I worked for a long time in Belgium for several months, and he had been diagnosed with a serious medical condition, and it was not known how long he really had been without pain relief.”

She said her colleague said he had been in hospital for more than a month or “a couple of weeks”, and asked to see his brother. She did not say how long Ms Leila had known Brisard.

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