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Well, that is a matter of opinion, but this was the most expensive film ever made, and we’re guessing that the production cost of this will easily exceed $100 million.

1. ‘Einstein’ (1926)


In what is known as the Greatest Movie of All Time, Albert Einstein’s life and philosophy are portrayed in this silent film that was just released on DVD. This is a fascinating and emotional story as Einstein was almost destroyed in an accident on the way to prove that gravity is real. What makes this film is the emotional aspect of the story, and it’s quite impressive just how much the viewer becomes an Einstein fan after seeing this film.

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For the first time in the history of the National Football League, a team is losing 100-plus games for the first time in a decade. And it took less than two years after the 2006 season ended.

The Jacksonville Jaguars, who haven’t made the playoffs in 14 years, fell short of that elusive 1-01 mark this season. The team is now 13-17 this season, which does not include the playoffs.

Their first 12 losses are the second-most in NFL history, and they have the second-most losing season in franchise history and are the team with the second-lowest winning percentage (.333). The 2006 Jacksonville team, which went 2-14, didn’t play in a postseason game after winning 14 in 2007.

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[Jaguars lose their fourth straight game and slide to 11-17]

The Jaguars were expected to get better after drafting defensive players in the offseason, but they aren’t getting much better. The team had the 11th-ranked DVOA and 10th in points allowed, and the defense is once again the team’s biggest problem in 2014.

It’s almost ironic that the Jaguars went 2-14 despite being the league’s youngest team at 33 years old. They are led by former first-round pick Mike Glennon, who has completed 65.3 percent of his passes and allowed two touchdowns

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