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Digital Cameras that use the Sony WG-G900 are well-known from many music videos. For some people, the best image quality will be achieved by a WG-R2 or WG-D7 (or similar). However, for others, the best results will be achieved with an older model that does not have the option to autoISO. To try this out, try setting the camera to its highest auto ISO (Auto ISO100) and go to a recording medium with a dynamic range less than about 100 nits.

You can find out more about how image quality changes using the Sony ISO Test tool (on the right).

How do I know if my camera is capable of shooting at the highest speed?

The speed of the shutter lag depends on a number of factors:

How long the camera takes to open its shutter (lapse mode)

What sensor type is used (APS-C/A-Mount or Full Frame)

How big the sensor is (APS-C)

How wide the lens is (APS-C)

And even your camera’s internal processing

In order to find out your camera’s maximum shutter speed, use the ISO Test tool. You can find the fastest (highest) ISO settings available for the subject in any video in the following table:

ISO Test results for the following cameras (see table above) and their maximum shutter speeds:

Sensor type Number of frames in burst Number of frames in exposure Number of frames in time Number of frames in file Number of frames in frame rate Canon 1.4 10 3 0.3 seconds 10.0 seconds Canon 1D X 20 2 0.8 sec 5.3 fps 16.7 fps Fujifilm 1X 20 3.5 0.6 sec 10.0 fps 16.6 fps Olympus 6X 20 3.0 0.6 sec 10.0 fps 15.4 fps Sony A7 III 30 8.5 1.5 sec 22.5 fps 24.3 fps

How much do the different camera models use the same lens for the same exposure?

Although the number of available lenses for different cameras is relatively low, some models have a bigger range of quality lenses than others. For example:

Sony A7II and A7RII use the 28mm f/2.8 lens

Sony A6300, A6150, A5100, A3900, A3000,

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