Which camera can shoot 4k 60fps? – Cinematography Shots

This seems like a fairly technical question, but there are some pretty obvious cameras out there that might prove the best 4k shooters, including the Sony a7S and the Panasonic GH4.

(CNN) An Indiana woman who was shot in the head, torso and upper body Sunday during an attempted home invasion in which the intruder fled from the house with a rifle was found dead Tuesday from her wounds.

Police say 23-year-old Kelli Carpenter died of a gunshot wound after receiving multiple shots to the head and upper body. She was reported to be a victim of domestic violence, and no suspect has been identified.

The shooting happened at a home in Lafayette, Indiana, near Lafayette Park. The woman, identified as an off-duty officer, was on patrol about 10 p.m. Sunday as part of the officer’s regular duties when she responded to a domestic call.

Carpenter was shot and killed, but her death was not reported as a homicide until Tuesday, when the Lafayette Police Department announced it was investigating her death as a potential homicide.

Carpenter’s death was one of five confirmed or suspected homicides from the shooting Sunday, according to the Lafayette Police Department.

Carpenter was found dead in the front yard of the home, police say. She was found lying on the porch with multiple gunshot wounds to her head, torso and upper chest, according to police. The gunshot wound to the torso also resulted in the death of the unborn child of the victim.

Police say all five cases were connected.

An off-duty police officer was at the home at the time, police said. The officer was not hurt during the incident, police say.

“This is a terrible tragedy,” Indiana State Police Maj. Tim Lohrenz said. “We don’t know when the injuries occurred or what they may have been about. But, obviously there have been a number of incidents of domestic violence, and one is very, very tragic.”

Investigators have not yet determined a motive for the shootings, but an officer who responded to the first home on South Fourth Street said Carpenter was “trying to talk to the officers about something.”

Carpenter reportedly refused to talk to the detective, Lohrenz said, but “he felt compelled” to help her.

The officer, whose name has not been released, “had a chance to speak. I believe that she responded appropriately,” Lohrenz said.

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