Which camera can shoot 4k 60fps? – Filmmaking Udemy

– How is the resolution of the lens different in the various versions of the camera

– Is the flash an optional extra, like the S6, S7, S7 Edge

Which version is faster?

– Does the camera have a sensor that’s faster than the iPhone 6 – is it the same sensor?

– If the camera is the same, does it have a faster sensor?

– Do these cameras share the same aperture, focus, or ISO?

Is the zoom available in higher megapixels?

Does the camera have a sensor that’s faster than the iPhone 5?

– Do these cameras share the same zoom range?

Is the AF in AF-C mode?

The “LOLs” are dead. They are no more. The internet age has robbed them of their ability to spread fear, misery and death.

It’s amazing how many of the memes that started the trend of “lolz” or “lolcats” or even “lolcats” (LolCat) have migrated elsewhere – to Twitter, to the internet itself or to a new generation of internet users. They are gone.

As much as you may hate them, you have to give them their due, and that was a big one. It was their ability to reach a huge online audience that kept them going. They created an online sensation and gave a whole generation of “internet-savvy” teens an excuse to become “internet-aware.” They were hilarious, and funny people.


They were hilarious, but most of the time they were about stupid things. They were hilarious about how silly your life can be, how hard it may be to keep up with all the new online trends – about how a “bro” in Japan is just as annoying as a real human being, and about how you’d like to be “cool” even if you’re not!


From Dota 2 Wiki

Dire Wolf’s Pack is a set of 3 sets of 2 item sets. These sets all share the same recipe – Radiant Wolveskin (20% attack speed, 10% attack damage, and 10% mana regeneration in exchange for damage reduction). Their recipe is set as Dire Wolf’s Pack, which adds the same amount of damage and slow (100% of the original damage dealt) to the attack damage of Dire Wolveskin. The set of items is named Dire Wolf’s Pack –

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