Which is better mirror or mirrorless camera? – Video Production Training

A) One Mirrorless is Better than One Mirror

Some people go with the cheaper camera of course. You’ll pay more for it, but it’ll also get you better image quality. Some people even go with a small DSLR camera even if they don’t need one right now.

The point is that it doesn’t matter what you need, you can always use a cheap camera that has good image quality. The whole point of these cameras is to make more money. If you really need the quality in a camera, go for the mirrorless camera.

B) One Mirrorless Cameras is Better Than One Mirror

Another advantage of an interchangeable lens camera is when you need it in a situation that doesn’t allow you to use the full-frame sensor.

If you are travelling and want to have it in a car rather than using a stick, for example. If you’re filming an adventure and want to take a full-frame image like in the movie “The Great Gatsby”, you just need to take a mirrorless camera instead. In such an event, it will be much faster to capture the image and then edit it for editing purposes like in the movie.

Why? The reason why you would capture that type of image is because the sensors, which are the sensor itself is being used to provide the extra resolution to the camera. The resolution is the amount of light information which is collected by the sensor, which you then stitch together and produce your images.
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If you capture that type of image you cannot even achieve that same kind of quality with an interchangeable lens camera.

The other thing here is to realize that the lenses are interchangeable with one another as well. So you can use two interchangeable lenses and make sure your scene is crisp and clear.

Can I use any camera for video?

A) No

As the reason why most of the consumer cameras are designed for cameras, video will be a hard sell for most of them. However, with your camera on a tripod that can be mounted at the bottom of your screen then you can use it for video purposes.

B) Any Camera is Better Than None

Some people don’t want to use a camera that’s bulky, and that’s very often the case. Others are not that interested in the type of picture they need and just want the quality in video they could get from an interchangeable lens camera.

If you don’t need video and just want the image

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