Which ring light do YouTubers use? – Online Videography Degree

I feel like it’s getting too common for people to focus on the wrong thing, but I feel like the right thing is that they all go out into the wild, where they can do exactly what they want, without the interference of others. This should all just be a happy happy celebration of their abilities, and not something that makes their lives feel sad and terrible. Also, the “How do I use a ring light?” questions seem a bit outdated to me. I remember reading that they can be found with a few different tools on the internet, and that you could get up and light a lamp for free as long as you weren’t trying to make a big deal out of it, but that seems to be out of date. I also remember doing some “How to use a ring light for free” threads and comments, not very long ago. As far as “How to make a ring light” goes, I think there’s a bit of confusion with different types of “rings,” and some of the information could be found on this wiki page. (I don’t know if it’s a ring or a light. I think it must be.)

The way the rings work is actually really simple. The light is projected down on the subject, and the light hits their nose and then gets reflected on the surface of the water. (They’re like mirrors, when viewed from above.) Then all the water falls down on the subject, so there’s still some light being bounced around. So, you can see that the light is actually quite a few orders of magnitude bigger than they make it; it actually has some energy coming out of it, which is why water absorbs and emits light at different speeds. (The energy is also why some water isn’t blue, but purple when it’s in contact with sunlight and red when it’s underwater.) Basically, you can imagine there’s some kind of big magnet that’s on the surface of the water that picks up the light and reflects it. You could also imagine it’s a ring on the surface of the water, and if it’s very light (as in the ring you see in the video, which is black and white), and it has good reflectivity, it could work in combination with one of the types of light above. What other types of light would work? Well, think of a rainbow! That’s where you get the difference between ring lights and rainbows!

You’re saying that this idea is also possible with solar panels? I’m glad you asked,

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