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Our ability to process music is largely determined by our cognitive ability, which allows us to quickly interpret and process new information we can hear. The other, or ‘nontrivial’ part is our ability to ‘think’. This is what gives us ideas for work, and it makes us better at thinking about things in the future. In other words, it makes us smarter. In the case of artists, it’s about their ability to generate their own music. We don’t see this often since we are very aware of the limitations of our own brains. So when you listen to a track made by an artist, you’d probably find him too ‘intellectual’ in some ways.

But why are more artists making music nowadays?

Let’s see: there’s not a big market for music anymore. In fact, music is the most expensive medium for advertising. When it became very hard to make music, artists made more electronic music, which is more accessible. Then, there are the bands that are playing live, while not making music as well.
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How did the digital age affect the world of art?

It’s more or less the same as it’s been from the beginning of time. The fact that we are able to use our smartphones and tablets (and our brains for that matter), allows us to access a wider range of media as well.

Where are we heading with technology in the digital world?

It’s pretty much the same as the first days of art. The goal of a new artist is to communicate his style and creativity to the public. He might take the digital route to a certain extent, but still, his ability to create is probably the most important factor of what matters most to him. So, yes, technology is an integral part of the whole process as well.

How can we make our work more accessible in the digital world?

There are definitely artists who use social media and digital platforms a lot, since it allows them to connect with his fans. However, since it is so fast and easier to communicate on these means, there will have to be some limitations. It’s not going to be as easy to post every single line on a stream. On the other hand, one of the advantages of the internet, is the ability to express ideas outside of the boundaries of the artist’s own personal style. This is something many artists haven’t yet managed to capture.

What are your views on music labels?

It depends,

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