Are artists brains different? – Online Portrait Drawing Classes

Yes and no. They think differently and communicate differently, but their brains have the biggest impact on the way we think about the world.

When we think about how a piece of music relates to other music, our brains tend to think about how those songs relate to other pieces of music that are similar in terms of genre and mood.

What are some of the biggest misconceptions about creativity?

The biggest misconception is not how to cultivate it in a creative way, but that it is something we “need”, and that we can’t do it on our own. Creativity isn’t something we “have” or “need” to be creative. The “right” way to be creative seems to be “doing”.

Do you think being creative is just about taking chances or is there other ways to push your creativity?

Just take chances! Even if you have no idea what you want to do, it’s good to try and think up something new. You need to try to think up a new idea for every day.

Why do you think it’s easier to find the right ideas in one project, and not in a long series of projects?

Maybe the same reason: you have one specific idea and it’s your dream. In a long series of projects you need to work with different styles, and you can’t control everything. The key to finding creative things in life is to find the right idea to work with and to focus on it instead of letting everything else control the way you find inspiration.

What’s a work in progress you’ve done that you think is worth sharing now it’s finished?

I did a piece of music called “A New Place” in 2009, inspired by the last weeks of a new city. In it one man finds a place and begins making a lot of music and creating memories with it, and he is then killed by his lover within hours.

You’ve posted a number of pieces online but what makes a blog such a great vehicle for sharing ideas?

I have the ability to post in my blog in whatever format that I feel like, so I don’t really need a blog. My blog is where I have had the most impact and where this piece of music was born and grew.

What’s the most important thing your parents did to convince you you’d want to be an artist?

Their passion. Both of them gave up their lives to create art — my father spent nearly 40 years working in music and

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