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Yes. I’m a very curious, inquisitive and curious-thinking person and I think we have some inherent differences in our brains. I believe that this has been studied since we first learned about language, and has been known for many years, although it didn’t really make a lot of sense to a lot of people. But this idea that there’s something that differentiates the art that goes on in our lives, you know, because you could take a piece of art and it could look exactly the same to people who are studying it, whether people are writing, reading, playing with it, using it, or whatever, and it’s absolutely in the same brain areas.

So people should feel that when they see one artist that this does not somehow make them a better writer. There’s more that goes on in their brains and they’re very much the same.
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Is that something that you would say should be included in every museum’s collection?

I think the main thing is to keep things from hurting people. When I was looking at other things that I’ve given to friends, and they’ve had to do something like that, I just thought that maybe somebody was wrong. But the people have been so nice and welcoming and supportive about it, and I know that’s not something to say against this.

But I know I’ve had artists come in and come out and express in terms of it, and a lot of it is, they love music and they love art and they are also interested in other things, like maybe writing poetry or maybe getting their PhD in something or something.

How did you guys meet?

We were in the same class. I don’t really remember much about the experience. But the way the class worked, every week it was a lecture. In the second week it would be a seminar and that’s where we met, and we started doing a small thing called the painting club and we started hanging around and hanging out and talking and doing stuff. We made a little website and a Facebook page and we were actually doing a few events on these events, and then we started doing a lot more and starting to put up our work in larger venues, really starting to put people together.

Were your friends as supportive as you would have hoped?

All of our friends were really supportive about it, even my husband. That was a huge motivation for us, to take such a big step and get into larger venues and get a big audience and

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