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Some people are drawn to drawing. What I would love is some sort of educational video where you showed me some drawings and I could then take them and we could create a computer program or something of that sort for my child to practice on.

Do you teach children to draw?

The way I teach it, no. But, there are a lot of kids who watch cartoons and we would like to get some sort of video or some sort of tool that, let’s say, a cartoonist would give them, some drawing program where they’d have to draw and we’d go through that process and then they get to try and draw as well because we don’t want them getting bored. But, the way it is right now is because of animation and animation technology it’s very, very difficult to teach drawing programs to children in a short time.

So, to get this tool I would like to create, if that pans out well for me and if I have a good partnership with Pixar (an animation company that did the character art for Toy Story in 1990), and Toy Story 2, I would like to be able to have kids learn to do the work.

How will you tell if a kid does a drawing?

We are not going to give them a handout, but a sketchbook or something like that and then we just work with the kids and say, “Here are your drawings.” And then they can choose what to draw. But, I can go around and have them draw things and I’ll say, “Here is what your friend drew, here is what I drew, and here is what you did, how good was it?” Or “Here is what my friend made, here is what I made and here is what you did, how good was it?” We then make a list of what the kids can and can’t have and then the teacher can take that as well. (Laughs)

How often do kids come to the studio? I think a lot.

For animation, yeah, about 10 percent come in here in an appointment. But, for live action or live action films, it’s about 10 percent. It depends on the type of film; what type of animation they’re doing. We have a lot of live action and a lot of horror films and we’ll do more fantasy or science fiction films because we got a lot of great artists involved in that. (Hints)

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Is that more for kids?

That depends on

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