Can anyone be good at drawing? – Free Online Drawing Classes For Beginners

What are the best places to get good at drawing?

Do you draw on paper? If so, what kind?

Where can you draw? I can draw anywhere with any kind of paper.

What is the most difficult thing about drawing a character on a computer?

What do you think is the most challenging thing about drawing?

(What are some of the most challenging aspects of drawing? Let’s talk about them!)

How do you go through a painting to find the right moment?

Do you think it’s really important to get good at drawing? If you did. If not, why not?

Do you have an art style that you like?

Who are some of your best friends?
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Any special interests

(I also have a big collection of art, you’ve probably seen that a lot around here.)

Any personal hobbies?

(Who do you like watching on TV?)

Your favorite TV shows

(Who do you prefer reading about? Read them, don’cha know? Or listen to them?)

What book would you most like to read?

What’s the worst thing that anyone has ever done to you? (I’d hate to get your name in there but we’ll be a little sneaky, so don’t mention it!)

Your favorite movie or movie show

Your favorite band

How’d you first hear about the Internet?

I have had the Internet since I was about six or seven. At the time it was just something you did if you had a certain computer that you used to look at when you weren’t at home.

I was able to surf for the first time before cell phones were invented. I used to go to the mall and get something to play some video games on. I played on the computer on the couch for a while, and then had the Internet for the first time when I moved onto my bedroom computer. I’ve been using computers for more than a decade now (I still get excited about them). I’ve been on several occasions when somebody said, “Hey, would you like to play a few games?” (or “What’s your favourite website?”).

(It was such a small world back then (before the Internet) that we only had one word, “crap” for a word on the internet…and it was a word people would tell you to put in your email. So many people

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