Can anyone be good at drawing? – Virtual Instructor Blog

I’ve always done it. This is really important: all the children in my family love drawing. So I have always loved drawing.

How do you draw?

I’m lucky! My mom always told me that when I was a child I had to be good in the drawing class but I’ve done well, thanks to her. I think drawing means a lot to me. I was so bored one day and I wrote my name on the paper. It was kind of a dumb idea but it was the most fun I’ve had, and you get a big satisfaction when you get it right. I think that’s one of the great things about drawing to me.

What does it feel like to make something?

When I do my painting, I feel like I’m making something. I’ve just wanted to do it for the longest time and finally someone made it possible for me to do.

How have you used your drawings and art to make your way as a musician?

I’m very passionate about music and I don’t think I was in any way, shape or form going to learn to be an instrument maker at a young age. I was lucky because I got my hands on my father’s piano when I was about 10 years old, and I have become a master guitar player in my adult life. In terms of making music and art, it’s much easier, because I actually like music. If I didn’t like it I wouldn’t do it because it’s so much fun. I’m a guy who likes to experiment with things, but one of the best things about being me would be getting to make things. It’s fun when I make things. I don’t have the resources to do whatever it is I want to do. I do what I feel like is most enjoyable to me.

When you were a student at the Cleveland Art Institute, did you have a passion of drawing?

When I was a student there, drawing would take up all of my time. It was very important to get my hand on my father’s piano that I played in elementary school. The time I spend drawing that was my life. It was a lot of fun being active with it. I was always a writer. I would write essays, poetry and essays about what I was thinking. That kind of work came in quite easy once I got my hands on the piano, so I got really good.

When you were in Cleveland in the mid-2000s,

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