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It depends. It’s easier to learn than to learn how to draw from memories, even if this is what it’s all about.

If you don’t have a lot of good memory, then learning can almost be avoided unless you’re on a strict budget. But if you want to learn how to draw from your own experience, you should pay attention to what you’re doing first, and then start building your experience.

Do I need the book?

No, there’s no need. All you need to start drawing is the ability to draw. If you want to start drawing from you practice or memory, there’s no problem at all. Even if you only do it 3 times, at the end you’ll have a very good skill. You’ll develop your ability even faster than in the other examples in this page!

But what will I do with it?

Well, I guess we have to answer this question ourselves, but before we ask how to use the book, let’s learn how it works in reality.

The method of use of the book is quite simple, and the most important aspect. You simply draw with the book, and when you draw with the book you don’t learn anything. You just do whatever you like, and don’t think about anything else!

So there you have it! The only thing you need to begin drawing that you could achieve without it. If you want to build your drawing skill, you should read through this page at least a few times…

If you want to do something else, get inspired to think of something else. Just remember that you can never be too successful… in art or otherwise.

And this is what the book really does – it teaches to draw with the book, not for its own sake. You can never draw with the book without learning things you don’t necessarily care about.

All you need for this is a piece of paper, and a ruler. The ruler is a great aid. All you need for you to do is draw a character (a picture). And in any case you’ll never learn by doing – you need to think and create while drawing a picture – that way you can actually see what you want to do.

I know that the idea sounds very simple, but it has to be done, because without that we won’t draw, we won’t develop our skills…
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Let’s learn to draw a character…

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