Can Drawing be learned? – Online Art Classes For Beginners

When do I learn?

When are you ready to learn?

Are there any tips to ensure you aren’t getting bored or overwhelmed with the program?

What about the course descriptions are not accurate?

What if I’d rather take a class to learn to draw?

Will this do me any good?

Will this work for me? Does this offer a good balance for my current skill/drawing preferences? Can I do it faster?

Does the course cover the entire drawing fundamentals that I need?

Are there other classes I could take that would be more appropriate for the above information?

What if I want to do a bit more than just draw, but I’d like to learn more specific areas, such as how to do face or head sketches, sketch a silhouette of a person, etc.?

What will I be doing before I start the class?

Will the class help me with my career or the craft?

Will I really get any benefits out of the class, or just experience wasting time in class?

Is this just for a single class, or will I take others throughout my career?

Will the classes be offered at an existing venue that I might want to visit for a class?

Will this be something that I’d even be able to do?
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If I find the class helpful, what’s the cost??

I’ve decided, I’d like to learn to do a sketch. Does this involve drawing directly from the computer? Drawing from digital artboards on the internet?

Why is taking a drawing class essential for aspiring artists?

What would a teacher recommend for me to have taken before?

Does the teacher know how to teach?

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