Can I learn drawing online? – Free Online Art Classes For Beginners

Online learning resources

For all the online drawing tutorials you need, check out this list of tutorials. You can also check out another list of drawing tutorials here.

Online animation resources

It is well known that learning to animate is easier and more fun when you can start from scratch and work through the series of steps to achieve the result. This is why online tutorials are great. In the animation tutorials we are offering this list you will find them in both animation and art.

If you wish to learn basic animation from scratch in a safe and simple manner, we highly recommend the animated cartoon series “Maze Runner” as a starting point.

Art resources

Whether you wish to create paintings, comic strips, or illustrations, you can find a variety of online resources in the online art section. We have provided a good list of art resources here along with a link to our best online cartoon art resources.

This article was prepared for learning how to draw simple backgrounds and characters. However, if you’re looking for full-fledged comics that use complex characters on full and varied backgrounds, there are many options for that. If you wish to get a good tutorial for beginners on creating simple comics yourself, check our beginner comics page.

Art supplies

These are some of the essentials you will need to create artwork in a variety of media. The most important of which is a brush, pencil-tip marker, sketch pad, and pen. The main reason being that drawing with paints and on paper can take a long time as you will be in constant motion. In order to keep your drawings on paper as simple as possible, you will also need a marker to help them blend and make sure you are not taking shortcuts. You will also need markers if you wish to create art with color, shading, text, and line art.

All you need is to grab some pen, paper, and pencil, and this is all you need to learn how to draw!

More on the use of colors and shading

More on the use of color and shading

For all your color study needs:

To have better understanding of art, we recommend you to explore The Art of Color – a course on the basics of painting and art in general. It is an online course that you can enroll for free. In the course, you will be shown how to draw in colors, shades, and hues. Learn how to draw with colors, shading, and text.


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