Can I learn painting online? – Kline Creative

No — all online Painting courses are fully-screened. We also accept payment by Paypal with Secure Payment.
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Do I need to have any computer skills to take classes online?

I have had great success with using my Mac and iPad to learn painting with Sketchbooks and Paint, and I have also had great success with . You can learn almost as much online using your computer as you can with your phone or tablet, and using a computer to teach painting is as easy as using a camera to film your classes.

Why does my instructor require a photo of all my paintings?

This is necessary because I must be able to judge the quality of a student’s work and their ability to complete it on time.

Why can’t I paint in class without being in front of an instructor?

To be able to paint under your instructor’s watchful eye, I must have access over the Internet at least once every week. A student cannot be on the Internet for as long as they want to, and they can only leave class when they are comfortable with class.

Can I participate in one-hour classes, such as Painting With a Pen and Drawing and Painting with a Pencil?

No — all classes take place in an actual classroom, which consists of a studio, a stand, a wall covered monitor, and so on.

Can I be a participant in a workshop?

No — we prefer to keep our workshop workshops as simple as possible.

Can I give a student an instructor for a workshop?

No — all teachers must be students of the students.

Can students be enrolled in both painting classes and painting workshops on the faculty at the same time?

There are no additional course options for this program.

Why can’t I get my course online?

You must complete a registration form and submit it to: the Painting Department, 1 University Plaza, Room 1350, Los Angeles, CA 90067.

How long does it take?

Our online classes take approximately 3 days. Classes can be taken anywhere and anywhere anytime on your computer or the tablet you are using to take the class. Courses start on the 2nd working day of class and end the 2nd working day of class.

How do I make my course available to others?

Please contact the Art Center in Los Angeles, Department of Physical Education at 213-972-0404 for details.

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