Can I learn painting online? – Sparketh

If you choose to learn painting, chances are you may want to do your painting online because your studio and/or school has a large number of people in it, so you may be able to afford to do it for free online. You may also want to do some online classes or courses and learn in a more casual way or be able to attend them on your own without needing to put a lot of work into it.

What I really need to do to get into painting

You won’t get into painting overnight, it takes time and persistence. You won’t have to spend a lot of money to start. But if you want to start, you’ll likely want to pay a small amount for a few hours. Maybe your first lesson is a little more than that and the lesson may be a little of a challenge for you, so you’ll want to learn more after that and go back again. As you get better at the skills you need, you might even want to pay the money. But the big thing is not to give up and try doing it for free. You should try to get paid what you’re paying for.

There are a lot of people who give up and just try to copy what you’ve done. They don’t follow through and actually learn. Instead, they start copying all of the tutorials and painting online and try to pass that off as their own. Or they start painting one thing and stop at one thing and start with the next thing. They never actually learn anything because they never make the effort to actually learn what they’re doing.

The fact of the matter is:

You shouldn’t try to learn how to do a specific thing. That is like trying to get a perfect score on a test before you’ve even taken it. You should learn what you need to learn to paint. When you get that right you’ll be in a much better place to paint the type of work you want and to actually learn. You should spend the time to learn what you need to learn. Instead of learning painting online you should learn painting in the same way that you learn to drive a car or learn a language: you should learn by driving, listening and observing, not through trial and error. Learning by doing will take you far faster. I know it’s hard to listen to music while driving the car, but the best music you can find is by listening to songs you already know.

The amount of effort required to learn by doing is far greater than it is

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