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The online courses offered by major companies can help you secure a job post, according to many experts. There are several online job postings posted for students who took the course. Some of these companies are online businesses that hire graduates and other jobs are offered on the job websites. The companies advertise online jobs to college graduates who have taken the online course through their own site or through some other site, said Kallur, a recruiter for Career Builder, an online job search engine company. The jobs also have their own websites.

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The online courses also have some great benefits, she said. They can help students find jobs and better their qualifications, she added.

Online skills training courses also have a higher job prospects than taking a traditional online course. On average, a jobless student who took an online course has a better shot with their resume.

“Online classes like the ones taught by Career Builder can help those individuals gain valuable job skills in areas such as technology, financial, medical, administrative and professional work,” according to a Career Builder news release.

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If you don’t know much about the Middle East at all, this short animated video may well make it to the top of your list. It will show the war in Syria with the world’s leading powers—Iran and the United States, of course.

When YouTube user the_mane put together this project, he chose two of the most extreme images from yesterday’s ceasefire in Syria—which, the narrator notes, saw the end of a 30+ year American-Iranian fight over Syria. A large, heavily armed Iranian drone flies across one of the worst photos in American history. On the other side of the field—Syria—there is a young kid playing volleyball on a soccer field, looking at a map of Damascus. “We’re in Syria, on our own, doing this alone, with no bombs to drop on us,” he says. To which President Obama replies: “We also have to admit that it is a lot easier than we thought to avoid getting into the whole Middle East war thing.”

The clip, which has since been viewed almost one million times, isn’t just fascinating. It shows an incredible amount of attention to detail that was absent in any previous, and even now, in the immediate aftermath of a strike on a hospital being carried out by the United States or its British ally Britain. The animation’s narration

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