Can you draw without reference? – Drawing Coaching

Yeah, I really enjoy drawing without reference. I am not doing that with the comic that I’m working on now because I don’t want you thinking that I am being lazy, as if a work of genius can be made only by reference. To the contrary, I want you thinking I am a very hard worker.

A hard worker, you mean? I thought you were an artist.

Yes! And a hard worker is really good!

Have you ever had trouble with a character or some part of the drawing that doesn’t quite make sense?

Not really, because even though there might happen to be some mistakes, there will not be any big, obvious mistakes. Because if I don’t draw things well, then I’m out of luck, so that’s all there is to it. I am trying to draw things well, but I am not being very careful. I am trying to draw things as if everything goes by so naturally.

When I worked on “The Girl at the Edge of the World,” I felt as if nothing was quite right, but now it looks really natural. I think that is the reason.

I like this way of drawing a character’s face.

You draw the character’s face in the way you see them, right?

Yeah, but also do you ever have trouble getting the balance right?

No, I really like drawing them right, but I can’t help it a little when I draw them right. I really like drawing like this. I think it is much better.

Are there some kind of psychological problems that you are facing right now?

There is some, though I didn’t know that until you told me it was like that.

But really, I have not heard that from you.

I am in the habit of keeping myself away from anyone who works professionally. It sounds strange to say, but I don’t feel I could be friends with any of the people around me because of the work I do. They have problems, or that they just want to work on something. Maybe they just want the satisfaction of working. But I am not trying to be nice and not talk with them. That isn’t what I’m trying to do. I just want to enjoy my work as if I were alone.

Well then, is the problem as simple as that you are unable to talk to other people in a personal way and your work is like that is making you alone

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