Can you draw without reference? – Online Art Classes For Middle Schoolers

How many layers are there?

Draw what? What size?

What color is it? What shape?

What is its position?

Draw a dot.

Are the lines in different colors?

What is its size?

Draw a line around your dot.

When? What color?

What color are the corners?

How many lines are there?

Draw a circle.

What size?

Draw two dots.

What color?

Draw shapes.


Draw a line around your line.


What color?

What is its size?

Draw two circles. What size?

Draw two triangles.

What color?

What shape?

Use this form (or this one and other ones) to make a drawing or sketch.

You can also just use your hands to draw on your hand.

A little while ago, I wrote about how the government is going to spend your tax dollars on the new, much-maligned, Obamacare website. Here’s a little more detail: The website itself is not the new Obamacare. It’s Obamacare 3.0.

The website is the next generation of what Barack Obama said would be a “single-payer” health care system where everyone is covered under health insurance plans, so that the government takes care of everybody. That’s what the website’s title really says: “Obamacare 3.0.”

But when I started researching this, I found that the government will have paid for the entire cost of this single-payer health care system, starting with the $4 trillion that Obama says will be spent on this single government healthcare system, which he calls “Medicare for All” (or “Medicare for All, Part D”). You see the obvious — that’s $50,800 for every American.

That’s $50,800, multiplied by a number of other expenses, the first two of which are shown in the table below. I’d be happy to take off this figure if it is right. My guess is that it is not. The official IRS line about Obamacare is that it will cost “nothing.” Maybe the actual dollar amounts are in those last two columns. But in either case, the fact is that the Obama White House is claiming to have spent $150.6 billion on Obamacare, without making clear what that means!

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