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Or do you need to have reference references? You decide.

Here’s what I do with references. Most of the times using references I keep a reference from an artist I have never seen. So I start searching for references on YouTube and use them until I find one that I can use. It can be a quick check with Google or Youtube or some other search engine, or if the reference is too hard to find I try looking for it online.

My most frequent reference for reference drawings in Photoshop are my own drawings. Some of them were my first attempts at photography, some of them have pictures that I found on my own or on the web and some of them are just personal interpretations of my favorite parts of the world.

For reference drawings I have a number of references I use, but never more than two! I make a lot of notes about the drawing to make sure it is as accurate as possible. That way every reference will look like a reference drawing or at least looks better than mine. With reference drawings I have a reference reference note like this:

This note goes like this:

So my reference drawing has these references in it and every reference will always be correct and it will look correct to someone I don’t know!

How to use references?

Reference drawings don’t look very nice or interesting unless they are in sharp definition and with enough detail. For reference drawings I usually use the standard Adobe reference drawings. These are the standard references that any artist will usually make, so I don’t have to look for any other reference. It’s simple. If you want to use a reference drawing and don’t know where to get one, just search for it on Google and I guarantee, it will be there. I’ll even give you a link to the gallery where you can download all the reference photos from!

So let’s talk about some reference notes. So the first thing that you can try if you don’t have reference sheets with you is to search Google for references to help you with your drawing. It may be too much work to do it, but it’s one way I recommend drawing all your references.

My reference sheets usually have an artist’s name, a list of names of the artist, the number of the reference sheet, the type of reference, and the location in the drawing or in another drawing. To find these I just searched Google for all the artists who had a section on their website about their reference sheets. That would have included almost everybody

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