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I’ve been painting for a couple of years now and as we get closer to the release of the new WOW, I was hoping to give an overview into how I’ve mastered both my traditional technique and my digital tools. This article assumes very basic knowledge of the process that is, painting digitally.

Since I’ve done my fair share of painting digital, this article comes from my personal experiences. I could probably do a full article on each technique individually but I’m going to cover three and offer some tips to help you along the way.

Digital painting:

There is one major difference between traditional brush on canvas and digital painting, and that is how and when you paint digitally. I’ve had a ton of success using the brushes that I like (such as a good brush pen) for digital painting, because it’s much quicker and less labor-intensive. But there are always drawbacks – especially when it comes to watercolor.

For this tutorial I’m going to show you the basics of digital brush control. First, we’ll make a “brush file”.

Once you’ve got my file, start painting, and then open your paint program of choice and “create a copy” or “save” the file to your computer (if you’re not sure of the version number, download the latest version from the Paint Shop Pro site) to keep track of your progress. (The process is similar with Photoshop as well)

Now that we have some data collected, we can take a closer look at the brush strokes, and start building our brush file.
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Start by drawing the lettering brush and the lines, and then go back to paint the lettering brush and follow the lines, working your way down to the lower-case letters, to give the letters depth. It’s important to make an accurate stroke with the lower case letters when setting your stroke size.

It’s best to begin the process of making brush strokes at the end of your painting, around the first panel if you have it. Once you’ve done a couple of panels, you’ll want to do enough paintings of the same subject so that you have a solid “frame”. So, for the first panel, do four panels, then go back and start again. The more times you make a drawing with the brush, the more useful the brush will become. But you aren’t limited to just the first panel in every painting.

Once your brush file has been created, we

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