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No? Well, get some acrylic paint (as it is hard to get in Canada). Or get more pigment! But get acrylic paint! What you do is you pick out your colours and apply in a specific area.

How do I use paint in the watercolour I have? Paint can be applied to the canvas, and then the can be rinsed to remove any dirt, oil or glue that might be in the paint.

Do you need to get rid of all the excess paint on a canvas? Well it is OK, and not too hard to do. If you have an all over dry canvas, and no water, it is ok to leave paint on the back or outside of the canvas. It may need removal later, or if it would be impossible to do so right away. This is not necessarily considered to be an error!

If the canvas is all dry, and you cannot reach the oil or glue, use a brush to gently wipe away any excess paint. Make sure to wipe on any excess as well as the surface of the canvas where you intend to use the paint (i.e. on any edges). If any paint is left around the edge of the canvas, or around the canvas itself, discard it.

How do I apply watercolours to my wood table top? Watercolours are normally applied along the edge of your surface. As the paint dries, the paint begins to roll down in small circular dots. Each dot is about three millimetres wide. So if your surface is 20 cm squared, you might need about 4-5 watercolour dots per centimetre of your surface. I have heard that these things vary in watercolours. As long as there is enough watercolours, you don’t need any.

When using watercolours in hardwood you have to leave some space between the watercolour dots. Then when the paint dries, the dots will roll down the wood grain and you can use the rest of the watercolour to achieve the look you want.

This was a tutorial taken from the Watercolour Basics DVD.

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