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Here are some examples, courtesy of Bongjoon Chae:

In a word: “creative.”
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Is there a set way to style your art?


Are there common patterns to how people look?

Yes, there are. But they vary. It’s not so much “how” you want your art to look, but more “how many of the elements you need to make it feel fresh and new.” One common thing for me to do when adding elements on a character is make them look fresh and different from each other, so I make sure my characters have multiple features, like eye color, head shape, and so forth.

Are things as simple as eye placement the same for women and men in the same genre?

I find women tend to be less “cartoonish,” and men are probably more “cartoony” overall, since the styles generally involve more facial detail, more prominent lips, and so forth. But yes, they are common to both.

Do characters have a specific body shape or look generally?

Yes, they often do. I tend to look for faces that have more flesh to them, more pronounced features, less cartoony-ness (since we already knew how to put that “cartoony” element in earlier), and a more distinct facial structure.

Do characters’ clothes show their identity?

For guys, most of the clothing has a certain type of material that looks like a shirt or vest that doesn’t seem to be much more “padded” than what you’d see in a typical comic book. A female character’s clothing is often more baggy or “uncomfortable.” (I’ve seen guys wear all sorts of different styles of “uncomfortable” clothing, either by accident or as a joke, and I’ve seen some outfits look totally ridiculous.)

Are there variations on style within a genre?

Not really, no.

Can I wear clothing with lots of detail?

Yes, if you have enough room to display it with a simple line, but usually clothing without much detail is too “gimmicky” for me, at least not when it comes to art style, which can get kind of overwhelming.

Do you have any guidelines for artists to consider when deciding upon their art style?

Yes and no.

Do you think your style is different than your audience’s styles?


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