How do online art classes work? – Art Lessons Online Kids

Classes may run online or over the phone. Check our calendar of classes and dates to confirm dates and times.

What is an online painting, drawing, photography, sculpture or other type of art class?

Classes can be arranged in a variety of formats. Many classes are available for free and many of our classes are available for a modest or no entry. We also provide art supplies and equipment. Art classes are designed to develop critical thinking, critical problem solving and skills in reading, writing, drawing, photography, and the use of materials. As each artist develops a style and technique, and as each student improves, the class grows.

Are classes offered in my area or online?
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Most classes are offered online. We have many classes that are available for any year of the year. Please contact our office to receive class schedule and updates.

Are classes available for my age group?

Classes are suitable for adults 20 years and older as an exploration into the art form. Classes are designed to develop critical thinking, critical problem solving and skills in reading, writing and drawing. You’ll learn how to interpret your feelings, and how to think about the relationships between ideas. Classes are also designed to improve your ability to handle stress and to communicate effectively. If you’re a junior, junior-high or junior-middle school student interested in learning more about your favorite art forms, check out our Art Education class and Art Careers classes.

How can I make an appointment?

For general information about the classroom, please call our office at (503) 823-1810 or e-mail us at .

For more detailed information about classes and availability, call us.

How much does tuition cost?

The tuition amount depends on a number of factors including:

your current credits earned;

the number of class hours you’ll be taking within that time period;

the cost of materials and equipment;

how many classes you’ll take;

the cost of living in your area, such as rent, utilities, mortgage payments, transportation costs and health insurance.

Please know that all of these factors will affect the course fees for the class.

How do I make payment?

Please give your completed payment or check the following day, or by mail:

Portland Art Center

1535 SW Stark St., Ste 500

Portland, OR 97204.

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