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Online art classes are one way to get the hands-on experience needed to become a professional artist. They can be taught for free or at a reasonable price. They’ll provide a good amount of work that your students will have to create to demonstrate their creative potential. But it’s not just about learning how to draw, because the skills necessary to do well on an art project can be learned in any other way. One of my favorite online art classes is called “Drawing with Your Hands: 3” available from Pencil & Pencil:

For students who don’t quite have the talent to draw well, Pencil & Pencil offers a free online art course called: “Draw with Your Hands: 6”

I’ve been using this online class for a few months now and I still love it because it teaches a lot about visual art. I’m a big student of art and it was much easier for me because I already knew how to draw. This online art class helped me learn how to draw a lot faster and more efficiently.

So don’t just take out your credit card and wait for someone to show up; come prepared with what you’ll need to make your art a reality.

5. Take notes

Making art without any real effort is not easy. You’d better get it done. I don’t want to lie — you’ll make mistakes and even mistakes that seem small can become big in the long term. What you really need to get started is a notebook with some paper. Here are just a few of the things you’ll need to write down:

The title of the drawing for comparison (as well as a description of the type of drawing you’re going to do, how you’re going to approach the drawing, how you know what you’re after when you draw it, etc.)

Your motivation

A brief summary of your idea/project

Your name if you’re going to be making it a business and a resume if you’re going to be an art director.

The reason the piece was made (so you know if it’s for sale/view)

The deadline

What works or doesn’t work

Any questions or suggestions you might have if you ever make some art

When you’re done, you’ll have a document that you’ll need to keep in step with your inspiration. If you’re still working on anything and feel discouraged, don’t give up hope! You can always get even more out of

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