How do online art classes work? – Sparketh

A: In order to do live classes, you’ll need to register with me via email (and then send me a picture of yourself). Once I’ve confirmed that you’re registered for an online class, it’s easy! If you don’t see the class, it may be scheduled late in the week, and you can be added to our waiting list before the class starts!

Q: If a studio is ready to open, what happens there?

A: After our waiting list registration closes, we’ll notify you via email when the studio is ready to be opened. We’ll then provide you with the number of spaces available, and a space reservation schedule so that you can schedule a date for opening. Once the studio is open, you’ll have a place to rent in order to make art, as well as a place to show your work for sale. Since we use Kickstarter to pay the rent, we can afford to provide you with everything you need to launch your studio.

And that’s it! We take pride in the quality of the classes, and the fact that students are learning by doing. So while we’re ready to open a studio, we’re always happy to help students get started!

For the last few months, I have been working on the next phase of the ESEA LAN and I am proud to announce that I have finally achieved the minimum standard to start playing the game during this LAN. At first I wanted to play a few games but ended up only playing one tournament and this was just too short a time. However, I now have enough experience to know that there is no better way to get a competitive game experience than actually going to a LAN and playing for a team and it can be a fun experience and even more important now that it is happening on a professional level. As always, I will try to be an everyday competitor instead of an “on the bench” player when I’m on vacation. Of course, I will probably still play on LAN if possible, if not and you can count on me still being active on FACEIT and playing the game at a high level in 2016.

About a month ago I started training with a small squad of players who have been playing competitive online matches for the last few months and I now am playing at the highest level when I’m at ESEA LAN. I decided to name this team “Mysterious Men” and I believe that some of you might be familiar with them in an ESEA group. As we are new

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