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I would really hope that a large portion of people would say, “I think it’s very cool.” I would hope someone would say, “I think it’s super great. I need to learn it now.” I would hope that they would be inspired to learn.

There have been a lot of debates among fans about the best movie out of the first four seasons of The Walking Dead. Some people want the drama between Dale and Rick, while others prefer the show’s exploration of the characters’ personal histories. Personally, I think the first season of The Walking Dead is one of the best drama and character building seasons out of any TV series. It’s also one of the best zombie shows on network television, so even if there wasn’t a fifth season of The Walking Dead, I would still have watched the series.

In my upcoming review of the fourth season of the zombie show The Walking Dead, I’ll be discussing each season with special guest contributor, Andrew Romano, a fan of both shows and currently the Managing Editor of You can find Andrew’s take on each season over at Facebook, Twitter or you can also check out the series’ YouTube page!

The Walking Dead Season 4: The Complete First Season Review.

The Walking Dead Season 4: The Complete First Season Review

The series’ fourth season saw an excellent introduction and cliffhanger, establishing the series’ dynamic and pacing. Rick Grimes died at the hand of a walking wall, yet his story and journey continued. For many viewers, this was the season where Rick started to grow as a character and became a true leader of the group. In the first episode of season four, ‘Dead’ in this case, The Governor and The Governor’s soldiers took possession of the Hilltop community. The Governor had a grudge at first due to Rick’s absence from his last fight, but became more and more angered at the fact that a young girl was murdered. Although Rick was still seen as the leader of The group, this was the first time the Governor would show him respect and consider this man as a possible threat to the group’s survival.

The introduction of the group’s new leader and Rick’s rise as the leader of the group had an impact on season four’s storyline. While the introduction of the Governor and his forces didn’t do anything to change Rick’s character, it showed the group that they don’t need to rely on him anymore. Since Rick had started to become more of a leader,

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