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A number of factors will affect your student’s ability to complete the course, including the degree or concentration they have chosen, where they are pursuing the degree, how much financial assistance they are receiving from a financial institution during the term and the amount of academic support that the course requires.

Most private online online courses do not require students to meet eligibility requirements before receiving a credit mark – however, to be eligible students must be able to demonstrate some level of financial stability prior to the course starting.

How are students selected?

Student bodies are determined through a holistic process, from applicants pooling their qualifications and applying for credit mark equivalences, to financial and other support requirements and information from financial institutions.

For information on which courses are eligible for an individual student to complete, see the relevant course selection options.

How can students access credit mark equivalences?

All students can access online course credit mark equivalences. These equivalences, which can be submitted online and via paper forms, allow you to compare your marks with peers. However you should note that these equivalences only appear in your academic record and not on the degree or placement record.

How do students complete academic services?

All students are eligible for academic support under any department or college that they select as their preferred academic unit. Students must be accepted into one of the academic units chosen by their department or college; otherwise, any relevant course credit mark equivalences on their transcript must be confirmed through the course list and must not be used. A student who has not been accepted into a department or college, but has completed a degree or degree-equivalent from a given school, may apply for credit mark equivalence through this link.

How do I register for credit mark equivalences?

All students are required to complete formal academic support through an academic department, college or independent unit prior to the term they hope to take up a course. The first order of business is to confirm a credit mark equivalence for any proposed online course, and to ensure that the student is eligible prior to the beginning of the term of their course.

The appropriate academic department in your university may provide credit marks for courses, or credit equivalences on their records which will be sent to your current academic centre. To access credit mark equivalences, please follow the instructions of your academic centre.

For information on which courses are eligible for an individual student to complete, see the relevant course selection options.

How are students selected?

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