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As I said, the first thing you have to do is to get your brush in a place where it touches water, and that will set your canvas free. Then, to make sure that the brush is in a place where water will not wash it away, paint it with the same colour you used for the canvas. In each panel (as long as I can remember this technique!) you paint the same colour. When you want to add details, you only paint from the edges. In the background, the painting starts with the first panel, and the first panel is the background and the background is the background.

How long should the paint have been on the first panel to be considered complete? The first panel can be anything from 7 to 15 minutes, depending on how many panels you are working on. The more the paint, the easier it is to finish the picture. I always put the painting on as much time as possible.

How long did you take for the finished panels? The canvas can take about an hour or more to paint completely (I usually work for 2 – 3 hours) but I usually finish the entire picture in about two hours.
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Which techniques worked best for you? I always do different types of painting. I love color, shadows, light, shapes – and even how we look in the painting.

How long do you spend in a painting and what are your favourite and least favourite techniques? Painting in different styles for different purposes is my favorite. The paintings are very unique, and I’m proud to present them to you.

How much time/energy do you devote to the drawing? I do my main painting when I am free. During my free time, I draw on my laptop and have a couple of drawing books with me.

What kind of tools/liquids do you use? When painting, I use acrylic paint or oil paint. I use my brush often, and if I can’t paint, I take a pencil and do something. It depends on what I’m painting.

How does your work style vary depending on what you are trying to depict in the image? I like to draw very abstract images, in which I use a lot of space between the strokes. My technique in general is very interesting and different from a lot of artists I have seen, so I always check and rewatch my works.

What is your favourite part of an image? The most difficult part! I don’t know!

How did you first get

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