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What kind of experience do you have before hand?

I started painting when I was six years old. If I had to tell the story of my first painting, I’d have to say it was a very simple one. I was sitting in my family’s small studio at the time, and we were doing our own little art. But at that point, everything changed for me. It changed a lot. I was a real prodigy, and so now I’m not so much a prodigy. But it did change a lot for me and this was when it started to change.

I started painting in the first grade, but it wasn’t until I was in grade 9 that I really started to have trouble with the basic color palette, so when I graduated high school I had to take some time to brush up on the basic color palettes. I’m trying not to let it get to me. It’s a very important aspect of drawing and painting. So painting was a gradual process, because I didn’t know what I wanted to focus on. Sometimes it was a painting that I’d done as an extension of my art, and other times it was a painting that was just for fun on occasion. You have to learn to move your palate from one project to the next.

What are your two main sources of inspiration on the canvas? What kind of things do you think you could take from other influences such as photography and ceramics?

I really try to focus on the natural world and what makes me happy, because that’s what I’m interested in—that kind of simplicity. If I’m looking for something with a lot of color and life and energy at that moment, I’m going to look at nature, and if it’s going to inspire me to do something, I’ll do that. Also things that feel beautiful in some kind of way. I love to draw and to paint landscapes and buildings, but I try and focus less on the actual painting itself and more on the feeling of the environment.

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You’re in Los Angeles right now for the LA Art Book Fair. What’s it like to be in Los Angeles? What’s the best thing about being in such a beautiful city?

The best thing about being in Los Angeles is the weather—I would love to stay even a little bit longer than I have in London. What they’re doing here is really cool, and a lot of the people here are really nice and friendly, which is a huge relief for me.

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