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I’m not sure what you were expecting, but I’m afraid I didn’t really do my best of it, because this was just the first scene and I hadn’t really got into it yet. I was trying to remember the general idea. It was more of a story, or a set of stories, or some sort of mythology, or something. I was trying to make the piece a visual experience. It was supposed to be a visual experience.

Was there anyone you wanted to show the audience before you started? I wanted to be as spontaneous as possible so I chose my best characters, so I showed everybody, didn’t I? I didn’t want anyone to start in; I wanted everyone to start in, like so. For all those actors you were really hoping to get to work for you; it’s always good to get them off their feet and start working. I wanted them to come and work with me and give a performance and I want them to play different parts.

Your directorial process is incredibly fluid. How often do you go straight from the scene you’re working on to the next scene? I do it all the time. I actually got up with one of the writers the other week and I wasn’t really sure how to do it [Laughs]. Like the first scene! That’s a good thing, because you can go at it in different ways.

Your work often uses music and visual effects in clever ways. You’ve used that technique with other films, such as the music and effects for the opening in Fantastic Mr Fox. Was that you working on the music or visual effects with Peter Quill in the film, or had you seen the film before? I just wrote down the opening and the soundtrack.

The title was a very personal one for you. I think many of us have that particular connection with the stories we read and what is the meaning behind every phrase. It was meant to be a very deep theme, but it also serves a sort of metaphor for the idea of ‘the light’s in the dark.’ I guess that’s what it means to have a sense of ‘lightness’ or ‘lightness’ and I think it works really well at times. I think it’s like in that scene, you sort of get a sense of dark and light. You’re watching this very light show up in the darkness, but your life is just being filled with light, and there are elements of darkness in the dark as well. In this case it’s both. There

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