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“To me it’s the most fun,” he says. “I’m never finished, I really just paint every day. It’s a creative process. I really just just start thinking of a picture and just start painting. I don’t like the process of getting a piece done — it’s so repetitive. When you come to work and you get the finished item you don’t even want to look at it. I look at it for three or four minutes and then I stop. I want it to look great. I don’t want to see a painting, I want it to be perfect. If I do get something wrong I take it back to the drawing board and fix it then move on.” It is a process that was developed by his father, an art teacher, and one of only three art teachers in Chicago. When I ask who inspired and motivated him as a child and how his father encouraged him to pursue his craft after he graduated from Harvard, he smiles and reveals something that I couldn’t have anticipated: it wasn’t his family, or even his teachers, who influenced his art. He says the inspiration came from a number of sources, but, mostly, he thinks he has two main influences as a child. “One was books,” he says. “I was reading things because I wanted to draw. And the second thing, I think, was the Beatles. “Their lyrics influenced me to a certain extent. It’s the same way I would listen to the Beatles. I don’t listen to that much music now but it was a big influence. I listened to them, just for fun. I didn’t think I had an artist’s voice.” He laughs. “I don’t know. It kind of came out of my brain, like, Oh, I know this stuff.”

You wouldn’t believe me if I did not say that I would like to write about “Hollywood’s Biggest Haters.” I am, after all, the first person you would expect to go on a tirade about the hate-fueled insanity of Hollywood as a whole. So, let’s get started on how the hate in Hollywood has changed in the 21st Century to the point where it is becoming an embarrassment to society as a whole. We all know who the worst critics are in the industry—and we all know who is responsible for writing the hate-filled screed that is Hollywood Now!

First, a little history about Hollywood.

In ancient Rome, where the Romans had only reached their full imperial

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