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It takes an average of nine months to learn to draw. It is a lot easier to learn to draw if you practice and get good at drawing every day, and then you do the basic exercises with an ink brush and pencil and you just start thinking about the basics and you do that for all of your drawings. Then, you build the whole model-drawing ability and then all of a sudden you start doing complex things.

Are there particular things you find challenging about playing this game (for example, the amount of time it takes you to draw), or is there a lot of fun to be had?

I would say that drawing and drawing and drawing. There’s definitely stuff that gets pretty easy after doing it for a while, but it doesn’t compare to doing something new. For example, the thing that I like about the drawing game is that you can do things that you’d never been able or even intended to do before. I’m a big fan of doing different things and it allows you to experiment. I like that and I’m really grateful for that for how fun it can be. In some other games it’s just so easy, it’s just that you do everything the same, and that’s really unfulfilling, but in this game you have many elements you can do, and it really helps you build up as a player. It’s like, what am I going to try again next? That’s really a good point, it’s kind of like that.

Speaking of new ideas, what kinds of things have you developed that are interesting to draw in a particular style?

I’ve just drawn a giant space cow, which is a really cool thing. There’s one guy in this game I’ll see when it comes out next year who keeps trying to draw cows on his own, and I wish him the best. He’d probably like it more than I do.

What do you hope people take away from your game?

I’d be really excited if people took away something from this game – some kind of positive feeling that I’m really excited for the fans and this stuff is really coming along, this is something fun to look forward to with this game and it’s not just a bunch of random stuff in the background.

About this mod

This mod adds a new NPC companion that you can have as a follower in your home.

For those of you who are interested, here’s a video demonstration:

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