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But if I had the chance to create a comic book, I’d go the first route. First of all I’d learn comics, and I’d make a quick comic with the first level I draw every day. I’ll learn a ton of comics from the ground up, because I want to take the “next level” after seeing it all.
If you can’t create any comics at 3 or 4, then it’s not your time. It takes time to create comics. And learning from someone who can create at a better level would help.
I can’t draw at a higher level than a beginner, like in any age group ( I started drawing at 3 and I still draw at it now ). Because I can’t read the comics that much, I get ideas from watching YouTube videos, reading comics, looking things up online or reading about a cartoon somewhere I know. But I can draw comics, I could learn to do it in the most simple way possible because I have that experience.
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I just do sketches and I’ll draw sketches when I can. I don’t draw it often because I can’t read the pages fast enough, but I have to, it’s a lot of detail and there’s so many to look after. I draw by heart.
I guess you could say that I’m lazy, and I do that for a couple of reasons. For example it’s always better to draw than to try and imitate something. It’s faster to draw a drawing than to try to draw a drawing.
But if I had to name it, I’d call it laziness. In my case it’s because it’s really fun to draw it.
Now, I’d also call it hard work, because I do it every day and I have a habit of not working on it for weeks. It takes a lot of effort to create this comic, so I can do it. I’ll do a comic every day, I draw in all my spare time, and a day of drawing takes a month.
My personal comic book experience is something really cool. I’m not sure people realise until you see it what a lot of fun this is. Drawing is the only thing I can really enjoy about my job (other than the physical sense of satisfaction). That’s why I take drawing so seriously and I also have a serious hobby of drawing.
My comics are just fun, silly or serious, but it’s always something special.
I wish I could draw at a higher level, and it’d be really

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