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There is no “one way” when it comes to art. The way I tell it, every human being possesses a unique skill. You only develop skills through practice, and each one of us is unique as one. It’s called the creative process. I mean, sure, there is a lot of learning involved and it can be painful, especially for the first time, but don’t let that discourage you. Go practice, and you’ll learn a lot, just as I do – and you’ll have fun along the way!

Why art is so important to you?

There is nothing more meaningful than a life full of art. You can see it in the expression of my face. You can literally see my character changing as I move from scene to scene. You see a reflection of yourself in many of the artists I admire. You can feel the warmth of the love in their eyes, and feel the power within the work as it’s being realized.

What you can see in a painting is a snapshot of yourself

and the artist you admire is doing the same thing. But my focus has always been on the art itself and never really on the artist. It’s a way to connect with others, a way to express my emotions and feelings. All that’s left is the final product.

The most important thing I tell students is to always give back as much as possible with the appreciation of the art, even if I have to work very hard to make it happen. I don’t consider this a job that can keep me busy. It’s a lifestyle that allows me to enjoy what I do… even if I can’t see myself doing anything else for a long time.

Learn from art, but don’t be an imitator

I always teach that the way to be a better artist is to learn from others, whether or not you become a good artist yourself. Take the advice I gave in the beginning – just take what is going on around you and put it behind you – I see that happening all the time – people are telling jokes and passing around art. It takes time, commitment and effort, but you can always learn, learn and learn – that’s what I’ve always told people – it’s always free!

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You can connect with the person, experience or view depicted in your art through your own perspective, and the artist’s perspective

…but you need to be able to recognize what is happening on the other person’s behalf. It’s

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