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There’s a lot of talent and skill. Not in the sense of a big company like Disney or Pixar or DreamWorks Animation, but just on a personal level I think everyone wants to know that they will be able to do it if they want to. They think that they can do that now. I think most guys will come together at some point and they’ll be like, ‘I’m going to do this or that. I’m going to do this or that.’

That’s a really good question…

Do the people who really want to do it know? That’s my hope. Because in some ways this is a group of people who have not worked outside the industry before. They’re trying to learn the different ways this industry works. They haven’t worked in animation before. Everybody’s got a little story to tell. They get together, they share a goal and they put together a team, and everybody shares in the results of that, so it’s not just the guy who did the drawings of the Disney characters. There’s a lot more story to tell. Everyone who’s in there has some part in the process. It’s almost like the cast of a play. Everybody’s a different character — it’s a bunch of different roles that each have a very different personality.

What’s the best place for a man to learn the art of making, as opposed to just getting someone to teach them at a job site?

That’s a good question.

“We always go after the best man in any role.”

We always go after the best man in any role. One of the big pieces in the film (which I actually did a lot of work on) was for John Lithgow as The Joker. Do you think there’s a certain way to do characters well where you make sure the actor is good at every single role?

I think at the moment it’s mostly about character. But we are learning to have actors do things that aren’t the same for the different characters. Because, there’s so many different characters in a superhero movie. The characters can make you feel different. But sometimes the way that you do things, the timing of that, will be very similar — the way that you do these little things. People can talk about a lot of things in this movie, but they only talked about one thing. They said, “The music is really different. The costumes and the weapons are all different…”

How do you balance that with the

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